Gallery from the newcomer students party.


At the SV defence academy in Tirupati, we offer the most exciting events to celebrate throughout the year for our students. We make them colourful, enjoyable, de-stressing, and fancied. They are the best occasions for you to participate in groups, and individuals to make vital presentations and contributions.

Ideas: We inspire you to come out with your unique ideas about the events. It is the time when the best student talents come together to celebrate the events with creative ideas.

Participation: We know all of you have a burning desire to participate in the events. But many of you may be hesitant and sceptic about your talent, program, etc. We encourage you to organize yourselves into groups and take part in the events.

Benefits: The events at our top-rated defence academy in India offer a unique opportunity to develop your individual personality and team skills. You will learn how to work as a part of the teams. Planning, organizing and executing tasks will come naturally after participating in the events. You can experience a complete transformation in your approach to the Defence services exams and the career afterwards.

Tours: We strongly recommend you to experience the freedom of space and time while learning at our defence academy courses. So, we take you on educational and recreational trips every year. The places we choose can eliminate physical and mental stress completely. You will return with a fresh mind and an agile body back to perform better.

At the SV defence academy in Tirupati, we host a vast range of events. Some of them are

  • Annual Day celebrations
  • Fresher’s Day Celebrations
  • Sports
  • Science, Social & Mathematics Fairs
  • A celebration of all special days

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